Bobapalooza: It Started as an Idea…

Back in 2011, I was tired of listening to the same music over and over again on either my iPod or whichever music service I was leeching off at the time. I decided it was time to cave in and listen to some of the music all of my friends had been trying to get me to listen to for so long. Of course, I never do things the easy way. Here’s the original announcement from all the way back then…


So here’s the deal: I’m looking for new music, and I’m hoping Facebook will provide it. Specifically, I’m giving all my Facebook friends the chance to get me to actually listen to all the music they’ve tried to expose me to over the years I’ve steadfastly ignored up to now.

So here’s how it works: imagine you’ve heard about a music festival coming to town, and on the list of bands is THE band. The one that makes you say, “I don’t care what the ticket price is, I will sell my own children if I have to, I MUST BE THERE.” Any band, any era, living or dead, still together or not. Pick your favorite song and post it to my Facebook wall as a response to the Bobapalooza feed.

Now the rules:

1. You have to pick a band you would sit through the entire set. Not “I love this song!” I want “I love this band!”
2. Yes, you can post as many as you like, but really, how many bands are THAT good?
3. If you intend to post more than one, please don’t spam the feed.
4. If you post it, I will listen to it, so please, be gentle.

Starting next week, I will decide who the winners are, and I will post my fifteen favorite bands (yes, I am heavily influenced by the sadly departed HFStival. Sue me.) I will also give credit to the first person who suggested them, so get in early for your shot at fame!


I got an astounding response and had a great time doing it, and it ended up looking something like this:

Bobapalooza 2011: The Lineup!

First, let me thank everyone once again for taking the time to make so many fantastic suggestions. I had a wonderful time discovering a lot of new music and new bands, as well as a few old favorites. Credit will be given to the first person to post each selected artist, but please know that I tried to pay attention to everyone’s thoughts and I did listen to every song that was posted, so your efforts did not go to waste.

So here it is, the lineup for Bobapalooza 2011!

First, the big surprise: I promised 15 bands, but after seeing all the amazing recommendations, I just couldn’t keep it to 15. Specifically, there were a few bands that got put out there that made me think, “Well, of course I’ll include them,” and how is that even a contest? When it goes from “15 bands” to “10 bands and of course“, there’s only one thing to do. So I present to you:


There are certain bands that define their genre. These five bands, all suggested for Bobapalooza 2011, are to me so great that to ask any other group to vie against them just isn’t fair, and I’ll tell you why. Even better, I’ll let you tell you why.

1. The Beatles, suggested by Jenn Stevens Booth. “Their entire catalog. Period. That’s it. Your festival is complete.” –Jenn Stevens Booth
2. Rush, suggested by Scott Soper. “Go on! Try to play it!” – Scott Soper (Sadly, that doesn’t narrow down which Rush song Scott was referring to. Which is why I love Rush.)
3. Led Zepplin, suggested by Sondra Fry Benoudiz. “They have a song for every mood and occasion.” -Sondra Fry Benoudiz
4. Iron Maiden, suggested by Scott Soper. If you love metal, you love Maiden. If you don’t love metal, go read the lyrics for most any of their songs, particularly “Aces High”, “The Trooper”, or “The Longest Day”. Pure poetry.
5. Pink Floyd, suggested by Scott Soper. As Barnaby Felton put it, “Band of all time is such a toughie, you are talking about someone that can take a listener through all parts of their psyche, and still maintain musical skill and credibility.” For me, Pink Floyd is that band.

And now, the lineup for the main stage, in no particular order:

Flogging Molly, suggested by Jenn Stevens Booth
The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, suggested by Michael Reinemann
The Decemberists, suggested by Janet Currie Konigsberg
Mumford and Sons, suggested by Jocelyn Waite
Owen Pallett, suggested by Michael Reinemann
Regina Spektor, suggested by Jenn Stevens Booth
Moyseis Marques, suggested by Yillah Natalia
R.E.M., suggested by Sondra Fry Benoudiz
Grinderman, suggested by Michael Reinemann
Foo Fighters, suggested by Jenn Stevens Booth
Mika, suggested by Jocelyn Waite
Our Lady Peace, suggested by Janet Currie Konigsberg
Jessie J, suggested by Jenn Stevens Booth
A Sunny Day in Glasgow, suggested by Michael Reinemann
The Beastie Boys, suggested by Jenn Stevens Booth

Be sure to check out all the winning bands, as well as all the submitted entries. There were too many great suggestions and not enough slots!

Thanks again, everyone! Hope to see you all for Bobapalooza 2012!


Come back tomorrow for the Official Bobapalooza 2011 Playlist™, and all week to hear more about Bobapalooza!


2 Comments on “Bobapalooza: It Started as an Idea…”

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