Gone Fishin’

Sorry for the lack of update. Work and school are taking up all my time right now. MNSHO will return in the near future. For now may I suggest Sluggy Freelance? It’s a great webcomic that’s been running daily for nearly twenty years. Plenty of material to read.

See you soon!


3 Comments on “Gone Fishin’”

  1. Sheila Wagner says:

    Hello Bob. I was surprised to see Smsgt Ray Darnell (ret) had passed away. He was a Msgt in Germany at 1st Comm on Lindsey Air Station. We were stationed together and were both radio operators and he was very good friends with some of my friends. He was friends with just about everyone and a genuine people person. This was back in 1990 – 1992. Can you help me get more information so I can be sure it is him.

    • Bob Bonsall says:

      Hi Sheila,

      Sorry for the confusion. I am happy to say Ray is alive and well, and doing just fine out in Indiana last I checked. You can find him on Facebook if you do a quick search, or if you like you can send me a private message and I’ll be glad to pass on your information to him.

      • Sheila Wagner says:

        Hello Bob,
        Thxs for your reply!! Don’t worry. I have lost touch with everyone by now. I appreciate the info. You know everyone!!!

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