The Soundtrack of My Life: Six Songs

As some of you may have noticed, music defines my life for me. Over at Running on Sober they took that concept to a whole new level with her “Life in 6 Songs” series, which is a little slice of awesome. I’m one of the featured guests over there this week, but I highly recommend checking out the whole series. You’ll get some great stories and some great music. Thanks for having me!

*Note to friends and family: this one gets a little raw. You have been warned.


4 Comments on “The Soundtrack of My Life: Six Songs”

  1. Thank for you sharing this with us, Bob! Great stories and wonderful music.
    PS: I fixed the link 😉

  2. runningonsober says:

    Thrilled to have you join us, Bob, loved your selections.
    Appreciate the shout-out over here too, thanks!

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