My Not So Humble Opinion

A long time ago, I started talking. No, that’s not exactly accurate. I started mouthing off. For any number of reasons, and I’m sure any second year psychology major can list them all out, I was more or less born a smartass, and nothing has really changed since then. The format has varied from time to time, and I may have added a bit of finesse and style, but the fact of who I am hasn’t altered a bit.

But something funny happened along the way. In the midst of all my smartassery (and yes that’s a word, you can look it up), I actually managed to find an audience. Friends, family, coworkers, cellmates, all sorts of people who were forced to be in close proximity to me for extended periods of time were finding me amusing. (Okay, I’m lying about one of those. I’ll let you guess which.)

Of course, as time and tides rolled along, I lost touch with some of those folks, and they didn’t get their regular doses of Bob that they were so used to, and some of them actually started asking for it. I guess I had something of value, or else Stockholm syndrome was finally kicking in. Either way, I decided the best way to share the joy that is me is through a blog. And why restrict it to just the faithful when there’s a whole world out there just begging for my folksy wisdom?

So here it is: all the ranting, raving, smartass nuttery (yes, that’s a word too) that you know you’ve been craving, straight from my mind to you, unfiltered.

You lucky dog.


One Comment on “My Not So Humble Opinion”

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