Bobapalooza 2013: The World is Not Enough – The Final Lineup At Last!

First I want to thank all of my wonderful contributors: Braum Katz, Janet Currie Konigsberg, Matt Foster, Scott Soper, Greg Beyerlin, Jenn Stevens Booth, Jim Riegel, Michael Reinemann, Patrick Hoolahan, Yillah Natalia, and Micah Stromberg. It was another great year filled with talent and diversity, and I had a devil of a time choosing the acts that would make it.

But that’s not what you came for. You came to see –


Ah, I do so love my dramatic moments. Anyway, let’s start with THE STAGE OF LEGENDS. While I had a lot of great acts to choose from, in the end I decided to go with the five acts that have had the most lasting impact on music. Either directly or indirectly, through their influence they have made a mark on the world of music that is as enduring as it is undeniable. They are:

Nirvana (Nominated by Braum Katz) – For those who don’t remember the state of music before grunge, let me just say the world was a very different place As Janet Currie Konigsberg put it, “There will never be another like Nirvana. That was magic that truly changed the state of music. They not only kicked down pretentious doors of radio and television, they heralded a much needed fashion revolution. The world of music today owes a debt to Nirvana.”

The Doors (Nominated by Matt Foster) – Despite Jim Morrison’s death over 40 years ago, the Doors have managed to maintain a level of popularity that other bands still aspire to. They have influenced bands, movies, and pop culture for decades, and likely will continue to do so for decades to come.

Sting (Nominated by Scott Soper) – If you want to secure Legend status, fronting one of the greatest rock bands of all time is not a bad way to start. Going on to have a wildly successful solo career that is enough to make you a legend in its own right just sweetens the deal. Sting combines beautiful arrangements with deep lyrics that continue to push the boundaries of musical artistry.

Nine Inch Nails (Nominated by Janet Currie Konigsberg) – One of the first techno bands that most people were exposed to, and still one of the greatest. In the words of Janet Currie Konigsberg: “I can’t think of another band that managed to unite so many different music fans under one banner. Industrial? Techno? Hard Core? Metal? Dance? Trance? Rock? Alternative? Yep. All covered. And when Johnny Cash covers your stuff, what else is there in life left to achieve?” And speaking of…

Johnny Cash (Nominated by Scott Soper) – The Man in Black is one of the greatest crossover stars of all time, having accomplished the rare feat of earning a place in the Country Music Hall of Fame, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and the Gospel Music Hall of Fame. He brought a social consciousness to his music long before it was the popular thing to do, and as Scott Soper put it, he made it so that “even a metal head can love a little country.”

And now, the MAIN STAGE! I expect this one to be even more controversial than the Stage of Legends. I had to turn away a lot of great bands, some because they just weren’t to my taste (hey, it’s BOBapalooza), and others because there are only fifteen places on the stage and I couldn’t put everyone up there I wanted to. But you’ve heard all those excuses before. Here’s the lineup you’ve been waiting for:

Matsiyahu (Nominated by Braum Katz)
Awol Nation (Nominated by Janet Currie Konigsberg)
Volbeat (Nominated by Janet Currie Konigsberg)
Divine Fits (Nominated by Jenn Stevens Booth)
Axis of Awesome (Nominated by Jim Riegel)
Garbage (Nominated by Jim Riegel)
KMFDM (Nominated by Matt Foster)
The Heavy (Nominated by Matt Foster)
Aesop Rock (Nominated by Michael Reinemann)
Animal Collective (Nominated by Michael Reinemann)
Preston Reed (Nominated by Patrick Hoolahan)
Dream Theater (Nominated by Scott Soper)
Death (Nominated by Yillah Natalia)
K’Naan (Nominated by Yillah Natalia)

Be sure to check out all these artists and support their endeavors. The Official Bobapalooza 2013 Playlist™ is still to come, along with a couple of other surprises, so stay tuned!

Thanks everybody, and we’ll see you again next year!


5 Comments on “Bobapalooza 2013: The World is Not Enough – The Final Lineup At Last!”

  1. frazzledslacker says:

    As always, so much fun to participate and exciting to see the line up! Awesome!!

  2. frazzledslacker says:

    Reblogged this on The Frazzled Slacker and commented:
    The results are in!!! If you missed out this year, start making notes and hope there is a “Next Year”!!

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